The BBguarder app can protect you at everywhere when you are in an dangerous situation. Combine of the BBguarder APP and the smart personal safety alarm, it will become your powerful guardian angel. When you fire your BBguarder SMART personal safety device or SOS in the app, the BBguarder app reacts by immediately and automatically sending text messages to your emergency contacts with a link showing your location. Don’t gamble on your personal safety - get the best protection, from BBguarder!



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Product Display

Product Brief

The BBguarder Smart Alarm/Flashlight is a discreet and lifesaving personal self-defense device which you can carry with you wherever you go.

Just pull alarm pin/plug from the device it emits high decibel alarm to get people’s attention.

Download and install BBguarder app on to your mobile phone to connect the device through bluetooth and it becomes your powerful guardian angel.

By activating the device either by high pitch alarm or silent alarm function it sends out a SOS message via SMS message to your predefined contact persons ( maximum of three contacts ).

which includes your geographical location on Goggle maps at the time of triggering the alarm and 30 seconds voice recording after triggering the device.

This helpful feature will give your contact person/s some understanding of what was happening around the time you triggered the alarm.

Product Features


The 120 DB siren( stronger than many standalone personal alarms ) is activated when the alarm is fired. The alarm draws attention to the scene, increasing chance that the attacker will stop. The siren has been tuned to resonate at frequencies where the human ear is the most sensitive to maximize discomfort and attention to the scene.

Location Text Messages

When the Smart Alarm is fired, the Free app immediately and automactically sends a message with a Google Maps link showing your location and 30 seconds voice recording to all emergency contacts put into the app.

Do not gamble on your safety -get the best, from BBguarder!

Strobe LEDs

Many attacks happen in low-lit areas. Triple LEDS light up when you fire the Smart Flashlight, helping you aim to hit the eyes of the attacker.


All text messages costs are covered by us---nothing will be added to your phone bill!